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How to Enjoy the Best Campervan Adventure in the US

Renting a campervan and driving it across the United States is a bucket list item for many people. The freedom of the long, open road ahead and the ability to park up for the night anywhere that takes their fancy are among the things that draw many people to the idea. However, as with many things throughout life, some advance planning is very important for those wishing to undertake this type of trip.

Choosing Where to Visit

It may actually sound like an obvious point, but the United States is a vast country, and it would be possible to drive around it for over a year and still miss out on beautiful scenery and charming small towns. So before setting out on the trip, drivers make a list of 'must-see' locations that they don't want to miss out on and plot a route between them. It's also a good idea to leave in some flexibility and not pack the schedule too tightly.

Getting Used to the Van

Those who have never driven a large vehicle before may find that their campervan takes some getting used to. Therefore, it's best for new drivers to give themselves a day or two to drive the van around and get used to any quirks that it has before they hit the road on a very long trip. This will help ensure a safe and pleasant journey.


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